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Hi there, I'd like to Welcome You to Velvetmice.
My name is Mal, and I'm glad you came today.

I hope you are feeling a little lucky today too...
Cos I have a bunch of Free Gifts To Give Away!

They are all on this page, so keep a look out!

So I guess you're wondering what this site is all
about, what I do here, and more importantly...

Well in short, I build software tools.
Little software tools to Make Things Easy...

Tools that save you time, money and pain!

Tools that go together to build bigger things.

Simple tools to make your life easier...
That anyone can use, without...

I also want to help you as best I can to
understand the basics of an online business.

You'll learn why I became involved, and really why I
have built these software tools in the first place.

It's all to help you to get a start online.

So firstly, I am offering you these Free Reports!

You are welcome to any or all of these,
just Click On The Images to download them.

There is a bunch of information here,
and I do hope it helps!

And here is another Free Report
that "Reveals" the "Most Successful"
5 Step Business Model... Ever!

If you're sick of the Tricks, Hacks
And Loopholes that get you nowhere,
and you want the "Real Word" instead...

Don't Miss This Proven Business Model!

Yes it does require some work!

Can you do that? It's called...

Almost Everyone that has a successful business
online uses that simple 5 Step System!

It provides the Fundamental Building Blocks!

It's funny, it reminds me of years ago, when
I was in preschool. I used to play in the
yard with these little wooden blocks.

As a kid it seems you can do anything with
little wooden blocks. Who knows what I built
with them, but it was Fantastic...

And who would think that years later, I'm
still here building things with little blocks...

Well that is how I design these things, little
things that go together to make bigger things.

Now there are a couple of reasons I make these
Software Tools, and the Main One is to make it
easier for people to make an income online.

In software or in training.

I'm here to throw away all the technical mumbo jumbo,
and break things down into really simple steps!

One of the major hurdles for people trying to
find their way in this minefield is Technophobia.

And I am here to solve all that stuff for you!

Many people want to earn an income online, to
get away from the boss, or even just to create
a little extra on the side...

But many of those same people Really Struggle
with the technical stuff, how all these systems
go together, what goes where and how, so...

I like to see things from a "birds eye view".
To step back and see it all in one go,
which brings me to this question.

What is the One Thing that you think successful
online marketers do... That you don't?

Well I'll tell you...

That's the big picture item, it's what makes all
the difference in their business.

Products give them Credibility, they are the tool
that binds things all together, and they are the
one thing they cannot do without.

Now I know that puts the heebie jeebies up your
spine, so before you despair, I want to remind you
that I told you I am here to make things easy...

I did tell you that didn't I?

And this Software Tool is Super Easy to use!

One of the main building blocks for your business
in fact, and it does not matter if you build your
own products, or sell affiliate products!

You really need one of these! So...

Can you guess what my first little software tool does?

And it creates a Video Landing Page! Just fill in
some details, and press the go button. Presto...

A Video Landing Page. Easy, Powerful, and All Yours!

You will have to add your own video of course...
But all of the Techy Bits are Done For You!

So after that little sneak preview, I want to take
another "birds eye view" of what the most successful
marketers do, because doing what others are doing
successfully is the best way forward for anyone.

So let's break down their business model...

And they are...

* Traffic
* Landing Page
* Autoresponder
* Thankyou
* Email

This is one of the Most Powerful Business Models
on the internet today. It's been around for years,
and it's going to be around for many more yet.

You really don't need anything more than this!

So to start you off on the right foot, and show you
a little of what I do here, I am going to Give You
this Video Landing Page software for Free!

That will solve two of those steps Pronto...

This is a fundamental component of your business
structure as it helps you create the most important
business asset you will ever have...

An email list will give you Free Traffic Forever!
It is "Hands Down" your Biggest Business Asset!

And that is what you can build with this great software.

Don't miss out - Just Click Here!

We'll talk later.

Take care!

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